Officially, I have been working as interior designer and decorator since 2005. In reality though, I have been designing my entire life. From deciding on the decorations for my birthday parties as a child to designing my Bar Mitzvah, I have always had an eye for design. Specializing with first time home owners/renters, expecting parents and newly grown families I spend time going through the process together and figuring out how to accomplish the ultimate goal – keeping the project within budget, within time limitations and within budget.

“I love making my clients happy with the spaces I create for them and I never want to call this ‘my job’, it is more my passion which brings me lots of

joy and fulfillment.“

When I spend time with my clients before we start to work on a project, a quote I often say to them is, “I won’t be living here.” What I mean by this is, I can pick out pieces and color schemes I know would work best for me, but I need it to work best for them.  By getting to really understand my clients and the direction they want to go in, I am able to guide them to make their dream home. From contemporary, to traditional, to antiques, I am hired for my level of taste, expertise and knowledge.

I work to achieve a home that feels organic, as if it has been grown over time – like a family.  I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to make something look its best. I am just as much an H&M guy as a Barney’s guy, mixing the high-end with the less expensive options. 

Designing homes to create memories with family and friends, a place where they can enjoy themselves and a place where they can come home to at the end of a long day, take a breath and relax.


Undergraduate degree specializing in Interior Design from The George Washington University, I continued my education at Parsons School of Design.